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Moving to a new country can be very stressful for a foreign transferee. The Tri-State Area encompasses the three states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut; each of these areas have wonderful suburbs and urban neighborhoods that offer varying lifestyles and commutes to the employee’s new workplace. In addition, this area is known for one of the highest costs of living in the U.S. and confusing real estate practices that require expert assistance to make the right decisions for your family’s ultimate enjoyment of this new experience.
In order to ensure a smooth and efficient transition for the entire family into the new community, COLONIAL RELOCATION can prepare and assist transferees with the following:
  • Accompanied visits to local Social Security office, Department of Motor Vehicles, and bank
  • Securing a social security number or taxpayer ID for the nonworking spouse
  • Escorted tour of new area, including schools, recreation and shopping
  • Purchasing or renting a home with no prior American credit history
  • Advice and assistance in acclimating to a new culture
  • Any other personal needs that may arise
COLONIAL RELOCATION’s assistance makes things much easier for our corporate clients
The corporate Human Resources Department acquires our relocation experts who provide the support new employees desperately need, without adding to their payroll
 Your Search Committee acquires the advantage of our professional counselors who will address all of their candidate’s relocation concerns
Candidates acquire Colonial Relocation’s extensive pre-decision counseling, providing them with an opportunity to make an informed decision
The Corporation benefits by securing its candidates of choice
Above all, New-Hires and their Families benefit from Colonial Relocation’s in-depth services from pre-decision to post-move, which helps them overcome the otherwise daunting stress of moving

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